What Are Heritage Breed Hogs....

Sanctuary Hill Farms Red Wattle Hogs

Heritage Breed Hogs come from bloodlines going back hundreds of years when livestock was raised on multi-use, open-pasture farms. Because of their lifestyle and inherent genes, different breeds became known for a variety of characteristics, including the rich and hearty taste of their organic pork, distinct marbling, bacon flavors and creamy fat. 

Today, these breeds still carry excellent qualities, but many are not suited for commercial farming practices. As a result, they are in danger of being lost forever. As fewer heritage breed pigs are grown, their gene pool decreases, and some breeds are now becoming critically rare. In today‚Äôs commercial market, heritage breeds cannot compete with commodity pigs. Commodity pigs are produced in massive confinement barns, given steroids and hormones to speed up growth, fed antibiotics and GMO based chemically drenched feed.  A commodity pig can go to market fairly quickly versus the Heritage Breed hogs which are given a few more months to grow naturally. 

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