Sanctuary Hill Farms is dedicated to serving our community, we strive to contribute to a clean food supply by farming naturally and sustainably and practicing honorable animal husbandry. Dynamic in our belief in God, we strive to embody excellence, integrity, and honesty in all we do and provide.

Sanctuary Hill Farms (SHF) is a small all natural and organic family farm in Shelby County, Ohio, dedicated to sustainable and organic farming practices.  Owner and fourth generation farmer and first generation organic Farmer, Bill Pleiman and his wife Tammy, are passionate about producing clean, Non-GMO food products without the pesticides, herbicides, anitibiotics, steroids or hormones.  Over the last four years, we have been establishing the infrastructure (without incurring debt) slowly raising our herd of Heritage Breed Hogs and healing our soils to realize our vision for the farm.  SHF utilizes land management methodologies that enrich the soil and humane animal husbandry techniques producing hormone and antibiotic-free, pastured and grass-fed Mangalitsa (the Kobe Beef of Pork) and Red Wattle Heritage Breed pork.  The taste of Heritage Breed pork is very different from the chemically-drenched "other white meat" produced by factory farms whose priority is to get to market quickly.  At Sanctuary Hill Farms, our Heritage Breeds are grown naturally without the hormones and steroids used to speed up the growth process.  Low and slow.  On average, our animals take 12-15 months to get to market versus the 4-5 months taken by chemically dependent factory confinement operations.  SHFs' Heritage Breed Hogs are raised in the open pasture and fed various USDA Certified Organic grasses.  Providing a natural, nutrient-dense habitat creates happy, healthy hogs which contributes to deliciously flavorful and healthy RED meat. To learn more about our Mangalitsa and Red Wattle hogs, go to our Heritage Breed Hogs page.  SHF also produces a variety of USDA Certified Organic row crops, lupins, squashes. pumpkins, and various rich clover grasses, the majority of which sustain our Mangalitsa and Red Wattle Heritage Breed Hogs.  We currently face the challenge of scaling up fast enough to keep up with the exploding demand for our pork. SHF looks forward to seeing the vision of contributing to a clean and healthy food supply come to fruition!

Contact Us for more details regarding how we raise our hogs (the "How We Farm" page available soon).   Additionally, SHF offers custom all natural farming services.  We are looking for expansion opportunities.  If you have land which you would like to be grown organically,  or just need a helping hand, give us a call @ (937) 710-3344.  You can also place an order for our Heritage Breed Hog products from our Purchase page.

America Needs More Organic Farms!
60% of America's organic demand is currently being met by foreign countries.
The demand is phenomenal and the number of organic farmers in America cannot keep up with the current demand. If you are a farmer interested in tranistioning to Certified USDA Organic as we are in the process of doing, please contact us as we have a strong desire to encourage others to take the leap!

A Story of Values & Vision